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Palmdale Business Phone Systems is the perfect choice for businesses of all sizes looking to upgrade their communication technology. Our fully customized hosted phone system offers a variety of features, including an automated attendant capabilities and voicemail-to-email service – while also being equipped with state-of-the art security measures like encryption and virus protection services. With our reliable solutions tailored specifically to your needs, you can ensure that both the safety and efficiency of your business communications are top priority!

  • Companies no longer have to worry about data security or communication reliability with virtual PBX technology. Not only does it use encryption and authentication methods for an added layer of protection, but also offers businesses cost-efficient tools that are easily scalable as well as always accessible – even in the event of unexpected disasters like power outages or natural catastrophes! Companies enjoy secure systems while maintaining productivity levels without taking a hit on efficiency.
  • SmartSIP Hosted is revolutionizing data security for companies all over the U.S., providing enterprise-grade protection with failover technology, physical and biometric security features, system hardening – plus hosting in state-of-the art Tier 1 Data Centers on both coastlines! With maximum safety redundancy assurance to keep up with digital developments, SmartSIP stands out as a leader of secure solutions.
  • Keep your business connected, resilient & secure – even during power outages and inclement weather! Palmdale Business Phone Systems’ innovative mobile app leverages cellular networks on smartphones or tablets to ensure employees stay in communication. Plus, this carrier-grade technology is ultra secure and located at quality data centers for maximum uptime performance & Quality of Service (QoS). Get the same assurance as large telcos with Palmdale Business Phone Systems today!
  • Unleash the potential of your business communication with SmartSIP Hosted Virtual PBX. Forget headache-inducing installation and maintenance – our cloud-based system offers modern features powered by cutting edge technology for total hassle free efficiency, all without any costly investments or worries!
  • Equip your team for success! Palmdale Business Phone Systems provides the control and features needed to maximize productivity – no tech support necessary. Streamline call handling processes while adding personalized touches like custom voicemail greetings, transforming business communication into a seamless experience that takes you to the next level of success.
  • Streamline your business communications with SmartSIP Hosted from Palmdale Business Phone Systems. Upgrade to modern cloud technology that provides control without breaking the bank or wasting necessary resources – say farewell to expensive and labor-intensive PBX systems!
  • Upgrade to an all-inclusive provider and make billing easier — with unbeatable rates on VoIP, faxing capabilities, text messaging services or even advanced features like conferencing tools for online meetings. You can power up your business communications across users, locations & functions -all at a fraction of the cost!
  • Has your business been left in the dust by those around you? Step into a new era with Palmdale Business Phone Systems. Boasting years of R&D, their cloud-based system is sure to give you an edge on competition and get you back up and running lickety split! With such rapid implementation processes this could be just what your business needs for success.
  • Our phone system is the perfect solution for users of all levels, from complete beginners to experienced professionals. Its user-friendly design and intuitive automation capabilities make communication setup effortless – no more fuss or stress! Enjoy seamless efficiency at any time with batch templating – quickly customize your settings without wasting precious time making regular changes. Get started today in just 3 simple steps: 1,2,3!
  • Transform your team into a global enterprise and break down long-distance communication barriers with SmartSIP Hosted Office! Seamlessly collaborate across borders, enabling colleagues to instantly exchange text messages or faxes regardless of their location.
  • Keep up with the power of modern innovation by hosting virtual meetings. With hosted PBX, you can stay connected and ahead of competitors regardless of location or device used – company standard or personal! Ensure efficient corporate communication today for a brighter future tomorrow.
  • Equip your team with uncompromising mobility, no matter where their business trips take them! With ‘Find me Follow Me’, employees can ensure professional conversations continue without interruption – even when working from personal and corporate devices, or temporarily out of a hotel transit room. Keep the customer experience smooth by leveraging one consolidated phone number for ultimate global reachability.
  • Unlock the potential of your business by upgrading to our modern phone system! Put an end to tedious day-to-day operations and stay ahead with easy applications that let you create multiple numbers, locations & extensions – all without any costly hardware or days spent on setup.
  • Streamlining how you manage users can be a vital piece of the puzzle when it comes to unlocking your business’s full potential. It not only provides you the benefit of saving time and resources, but also grants you the flexibility to tailor user allocations quickly and efficiently. This feature gives you the ability to shift focus and energy towards higher priorities without sacrificing security or organization. By streamlining user management, you can maximize all your assets for long-term success!
  • Businesses that are constantly on-the-go or require remote work now have an effective tool in their corner: SmartSIP Office. This cutting edge technology not only provides employees the freedom of mobility, but also optimizes productivity – a major benefit for employers aiming to maximize returns from virtual office settings. Increased employee engagement has a direct effect on your profit margins and with SmartSIP’s Office advanced features, businesses can reap all these rewards while controlling overhead expenses and expanding earnings potential.

Palmdale Business Phone Systems is proud to have Aasani as a partner, joining forces to offer customers the best in phone systems technology.